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How and where to meet your dream Valentine TONIGHT

February 14th, 2013, Adam LoDolce

Right now I want you to step into the heels of a single girl on Valentine’s Day (figuratively guys, don’t get weird on me).

She logs on Facebook to see 1,098,783 updates on her newsfeed about this “special day”.

She goes to work and all of her female coworkers are not so subtly bragging about the delicious breakfast their husbands made for them.

She leaves work and gets a call from her mom wishing her a happy V-day and asking her “So, when are you going to find your “Mr. Right”?

Valentine ‘s Day is arguably the most emotional day for single women all year and it’s your responsibility…NO it’s your damn DUTY to make sure those emotions are transformed into positive memories for a very special gal out there.

Basically, the goal of this email is to rid you of “Excusitis”. Get your ass off the couch and go meet some of those single girls waiting to be swept off their feet on this magical day.

Valentine’s Day Specific Convo Starters:

Create a Memorable “How we met story”

Open: “Excuse me, I just saw you standing there [or another context of how you saw her] and I need to tell you that you look stunning, and given that it’s the most romantic day of the year, I had to at least come up and introduce myself. My name’s [your name]”

Her typical response: “Oh hi. My name’s [her name]” (Remember, she may be so taken off guard at this point that it’s your responsibility to carry the conversation forward.”

Follow up: “Well, I totally screwed up huh [slapping your hands by your sides], I could’ve brought chocolate and a cheesy Hallmark card to make this a real memorable moment. Oh well, next Valentine’s Day I won’t forget to get that for you.”

Her Likely response: “You totally screwed up” (Sarcastically) OR “No, you’re doing just fine” OR “You’re getting ahead of yourself huh?” – All are positive responses.

Tip: Move on from the whole Valentine’s Day theme after a few more minutes. Don’t overplay Valentine’s Day.


Ask her Valentine’s Day Opinion:

Open: “Hey excuse me, I need girl assistance, my friend has been dating a girl for two years and completely forgot to get her anything for Valentine’s Day. He’s calling me frantically because he has an hour after work to figure out how to surprise her. Any ideas?”

Her Response: “Hmm…Just get her flowers” Or something probably pretty lame (since you put her on the spot and most people are not “quick”).

Follow Up: “Well, I’ve been telling him that he should make her favorite dinner, make her a hand written card, and then give her the absolute best shag she’s ever had. I feel like that’s all a girl really wants right?”

Tip: Don’t spend longer than 3 minutes on this topic. Get her idea and then transition onto a new topic.

Bold Night Time Move

Open: “Listen, I’ve been searching around this entire establishment, and have made the difficult yet obvious decision that you are my Valentine”

Her potential response: “You use that on all the girls don’t you?”

Follow up: “You know, that’s insulting! [smiling]. I’ve been practicing that line for 3 weeks now waiting for the perfect girl to walk in and now you accuse me of having no Valentine’s Day romance!!”

Remember, these are all just examples of what I might use. Feel free to use mine, or be original. Just remember, that it should be funny, animated and impactful.

As far as “where to go”, lemme give you some insight as to my night.

My Personal Agenda Today/Tonight

  • 5PM to 6:30 PM: Read at a Coffee Shop. If she’s in a coffee shop at the hour on Valentine’s Day, she’s single and looking.
  • 6:30 to 8 PM: Go home and have a quick bite because you have a bit night ahead of you.
  • 8 PM to 9:30 PM: Go to a Yoga Class. If she’s going to Yoga at 8 PM on Valentine’s Day, she’s single, and most likely gorgeous.
  • 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM: Get showered up and wear a red shirt.
  • 10:30 PM to 1 PM: Head to the local lounge bar. If she’s rolling solo or with friends, she is 110% single. Grab her number, and be sure to insert, “I know this is clichĂ© since it’s Valentine’s Day, but I would love to grab your phone number. What is it?”

So what do yah know? I’ve removed all excuses for you to stay in.

Happy “Opportunity Day”



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