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[Video] How to be more confident as a man

May 16th, 2013, Adam LoDolce
Be a "doer" without DOING it.

Be a “doer” without DOING it.

When we go out with our buds at night, there are two kinds of dudes.

The first type is the “Doer”. He’s the guy who’s getting at it and approaching every girl he sees without hesitation.

The second type is what is known as the “watcher”. I used to be this guy.
This is the guy who is sitting in the corner and wondering, “Why can’t I just go up there and talk to girls?”

I used to lack confidence.

I used to lack knowledge.

But most importantly, I was focusing all of my mental energy on the wrong thing.

Imagine becoming a “Doer” without having to actually DO the approach. Find out how you can be the “Doer” in this video.


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  1. Hoan says:

    Solid advice from the Dating Confidence Coach.

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