How I Became a Professional Dating Coach

July 15th, 2013, Adam LoDolce

My good friend Bill Connolly recently launched a book called Funny Business: Build Your Soft Skills Through Comedy and I was a featured case study in the book. I’ve had a number of people do “write ups” on my own personal story, but Bill really seemed to nail it.

If you want to become a dating coach, professional speaker, or really just pursue your great passion, I’d love for you to be able to learn from both my successes and failures.


Case Study: Adam LoDolce. Written by Bill Connolly 

adam-lodolce-college-speakerI met Adam back when I was in college. He

[Video] Meet 10 Women This Weekend…NO EXCUSES

June 7th, 2013, Adam LoDolce
"I pledge to meet 10 new women this weekend"

“I pledge to meet 10 new women this weekend”

I lost an insane amount of weight sticking to the Paleo diet for two months straight.

But it was really hard…SO insanely hard that I had to use an “accountability” technique to stay on track.

I’d like you to use this same technique to force yourself to overcome your fears and approach 10 new women this weekend.

Want to learn exactly how to start conversations? Take the 6 Week Challenge

[Video] How to Tackle “Approach Anxiety”

May 25th, 2013, Adam LoDolce
approach anxiety

“OMG, she’s way too hot” approach anxiety CAN be conquered!

So, you’re sitting in a local coffee shop drinking your iced coffee, just minding your own business, and “people watching” your day away.

Suddenly, the little bell above the door chimes as a new customer walks in.

Now, of course, this customer happens to be a woman. So, you are no longer people watching. You are now WOMAN WATCHING (oh yea).

This new visitor just happens to be a really, really striking woman.

And, holy bejesus, she’s tall, with dark brown hair, the perfect body, and a swagger that communicates

[Video] How to approach during the day without being a CREEPER

May 16th, 2013, Adam LoDolce
Boys, please stop scaring the living crap out of women. If you're creepy, they're going to reject you.

Boys, please stop scaring the living crap out of women. If you’re creepy, they’re going to reject you.

It is a well-known fact, guys, that once you creep her out, it’s game over.

Let me repeat, even if you’re the most handsome, intellectual, passionate, personable dude in the WORLD, once you get the ‘creepy’ label, you are NOT getting her phone number. There’s just no chance (zip, zero, zilch, my friend).

I know this from personal experience because I have unfortunately (and unintentionally) creeped out a few girls in my day. TRUST ME, I am not bragging, as these were

[Video] How to be more confident as a man

May 16th, 2013, Adam LoDolce
Be a "doer" without DOING it.

Be a “doer” without DOING it.

When we go out with our buds at night, there are two kinds of dudes.

The first type is the “Doer”. He’s the guy who’s getting at it and approaching every girl he sees without hesitation.

The second type is what is known as the “watcher”. I used to be this guy.
This is the guy who is sitting in the corner and wondering, “Why can’t I just go up there and talk to girls?”

I used to lack confidence.

I used to lack knowledge.

But most importantly, I was focusing all of my

Women are almost twice as likely to give out their phone number when…

March 7th, 2013, Adam LoDolce

approach girl in parkWe’ve all been in that situation when we see that gorgeous girl sitting on the bench, phone in hand, looking bored out of her mind.

And we get that immediate nervous response. We think, “Shit, I should seriously do this. I have no excuse.”

But you don’t know if she’ll be receptive. Will she throw her hand in my face or respond with a smile?

You begin looking for “indicators of interest” but she doesn’t know you even exist – she’s not looking anywhere near you. This will be the definition of a cold approach.

Well, there’s one major factor

How and where to meet your dream Valentine TONIGHT

February 14th, 2013, Adam LoDolce

Right now I want you to step into the heels of a single girl on Valentine’s Day (figuratively guys, don’t get weird on me).

She logs on Facebook to see 1,098,783 updates on her newsfeed about this “special day”.

She goes to work and all of her female coworkers are not so subtly bragging about the delicious breakfast their husbands made for them.

She leaves work and gets a call from her mom wishing her a happy V-day and asking her “So, when are you going to find your “Mr. Right”?

Valentine ‘s Day is arguably the most emotional day

Why you will be chunky and lonely in 2013

January 1st, 2013, Adam LoDolce

Most of us are waking up this January morning, chugging water and promising ourselves that 2013 will finally be the year of change. YAAYYYYY!

You WILL finally lose 10 pounds.

You WILL finally get a girlfriend.

But lemme tell yah one thing about setting goals, 92% of them are meaningless and ineffective*.


Most goals are far too outcome driven. Losing 10 pounds is just an end result. Getting the girlfriend is a just perceived destination.

Sure, it is important to have a vision of your desired accomplishment, but you need to realize that a vision without consistent behavior is

How to meet a girl on New Year’s Eve

December 28th, 2012, Adam LoDolce

New Years Eve is a special time of year. Emotions run high, everyone is in a heightened social state, and this is the night of all nights when no one wants to be alone.

So what does that mean? You have an amazing opportunity to meet that special gal. So I wanted to give you an example of how I might start a conversation on New Years Eve.

Here’s the breakdown:

Ideal Situation: Girl standing by herself and you lock eyes

Open: I noticed that you’ve been scoping me out, but just so you know, I will NOT [heavy animation

Introducing Go Talk to Her, a film about confidently meeting women in every day places

December 18th, 2012, Adam LoDolce

I checked my inbox this morning and I was blown away.

Cosmopolitan did a featured piece on my new film, “Go Talk To Her”: A film about confidently meeting women in every day places before I even released it to the general public!

Wait, what? Isn’t Cosmo a magazine for women? Yes, this is why it’s fascinating.

Guys, the whole premise of my film is that women WANT you to approach them during the day. Cosmo conducted a survey at the bottom of my featured article about my film, “Go Talk To Her”, and the results were astounding (from over