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Isa, Student Activities Coordinator at Seminole State College

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Marc Elliot, College Speaker of the year 2011

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Channel, Alfred State College

" Best program that I’ve attended about confidence. He had energy!" Dominique, Augusta State
" He was very enthusiastic and he made you want to hear more. I absolutely appreciate his guidance because he helped me feel more confident to step out and be more of a leader." Jasheria, Georgia Southwestern University
" Very interactive and lively. It was very well presented." Tashawna, Broward College
" LOVED HIM! It was really engaging, inspiring, influential, and motivating to make a change." Mariel, New York Institute of Technology
" Very interactive and lively. It was very well presented." Tashawna, Broward College

" Love it! Learning how to become more open and confident made me realize a few things…" Krystal, Suffolk County Community College
" He was very energetic, enthusiastic and confident. I left with a smile and feeling more confident.
" Rochelle, Tomkins Cortland Community College
" Very personable, great speaker. Changes your mindset for the better.
" Shane, Embry-Riddle University
" Best presenter at the conference. Very energetic and fun to listen to. I had a great experience and am glad I attended." Jonathon, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
" Very exciting & energizing. This is good for people who are shy and it’s simple and do-able" Morgan, Clemson University

" I enjoyed it. By far the best session yet. He’s the most confident man I ever met. Truly inspiring, much respect." Andy, Newbury College
" Loved everything he did. It was very useful, positive, timely and relevant." Greg, University of North Alabama
" Bad ASS! Best part of the whole conference. The tips on how to meet strangers were very insightful." Michael, Western Kentucky University
" I really enjoyed the speaker, in just one hour I feel like I learned a lot." Brandon, Appalachian State
" Great story, it gave legitimacy to your presentation. Adam lives the concept of social freedom." Cody, Florida Gulf Coast University
" Excellent, charismatic speaker and program. Made me consider my career goals" Nick, Georgia Tech
" This program truly teaches you to realize that with simple techniques you can change the perception of yourself and be more self-confident" Austin, Coastal Carolina University
" Very energetic and passionate about what he does. Very good and definitely motivational." Derrek, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, College Speaker Attendee

" He was very fun & energetic! He knew what he was talking about and kept my attention. It was perfect." Tiffany, Troy University
" Adam is very passionate about his topic…Amazing!" Jerica, Northwestern State University

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